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Medical Marijuana

Question and Answers about Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas

Who can get a card? Can any doctor prescribe medical marijuana? How much will it cost? Can patients grow their own marijuana? Will it be covered by insurance?
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Dr. Goldsmith
Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Goldsmith is board certified with affiliations to Valley Hospital Medical Center, Summerlin Hospital, Sunrise Hospital, Spring Valley Hospital, Mountainview Hospital, Desert Springs and Lake Mead Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Goldsmith has a special expertise in Alzheimer Disease, Diabetes, Weight Loss. Dr. Goldsmith also has clinical interests in anti-aging, exercise physiology and cosmetic treatment enhancements. His research interest include hypertension, heart disease and alternative medicines role in disease prevention.

There is no one better to see than Dr. Ivan Goldsmith with any and all of aforementioned specialties he treats. When you seek the best don’t settle for less come in and see Dr. Ivan Goldsmith the King of Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas.


Medical Marijuana Experts

The marijuana industry and laws are changing every day and while some people are on board with these changes there are others who are not and don’t agree with the benefits medical marijuana can provide.

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Medical cannabis treats a variety of ailments. Glaucoma, seizures, cancer, severe pain, muscle spasms, severe nausea, HIV/AIDS symptoms, PTSD, arthritis, migraine headaches, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, Epilepsy and even more.